Here at TI-Motorsport we build and run race winning cars. We also build cars that your gran could drive to the shops. The key factor with both is the setup. We have invested in a flush-mounted 4 post ramp, with swivel plates on the front and rear, specifically for alignment so you can be sure your car’s steering geometry is tailored exactly to your requirements. We can do anything from a simply toe adjustment after lowering to a full fast road setup (around £90 inc VAT).

For race and track cars we also offer corner-weighting at an hourly rate, usually no more than £90 in total. We also bring our alignment gear to all the motorsport weekends we compete in so if you need help with your setup then please head on over and ask, we’ve set up a good few cars now and shaved seconds off their lap times.

Whatever your needs, feel free to pop in or call us on 01782315950


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