Coat & Go – Soft99

Coat & Go – Soft99

Today we’re going to look at Soft99’s latest product – Rain Drop. Rain Drop is an instant protective sealant for all car surfaces. Applied on a wet surface, right after washing, it works great as a stand-alone sealant or booster of already applied coatings.

It provides a strong hydrophobic effect, high gloss, protection, and covers up minor scratches. The high pressure nozzle allows for a quick and convenient application, even on large surfaces. Rain Drop facilitates and speeds up the drying process, instantly giving the car a shiny look.

Instant process, long lasting effect!

Full car protection has never been so easy!

1.Wash your car to remove all dirt. Rinse the car thoroughly.

2.Spray the product onto a wet section of the car. Spread the foam with a microfibre cloth.

3.Buff each element with a dry microfibre cloth to remove foam and moisture.


Versatile Use

Rain Drop Bazooka proves resistant, regardless of maintenance conditions!



Durable effect in the blink of an eye

Full car protection has never been so easy!

Rain Drop Bazooka does not require any special conditions for application, and thus will do the job all year round – even during winter.

It can be used as a stand-alone protective layer, but also as a booster of previously applied coatings, waxes or invisible wipers, strengthening their hydrophobicity and protection.

Rain Drop Bazooka is available to buy from our website now, click here to view!