Toyota GR Yaris Ultimate Exhaust Test

Toyota GR Yaris Ultimate Exhaust Test

Choosing an aftermarket exhaust for your GR Yaris can be a daunting task, especially when there’s so many on the market to choose from. There are many factors to consider as well. GPF-back system? Resonated or non-resonated? Slip fit or v-band? Well, to help guide you in the right direction, we’ve put together a handy back-to-back test to compare 11 different exhaust options for your GR Yaris!

If you’ve not already seen our YouTube video of this test, then you can check out the full video here!

The Test… 

We’ve lined up a huge selection of different GPF-back exhausts, and we’ll be fitting a GPF delete to some of them too, we’ll then collect various decibel readings for each one. We’ll also compare the prices, diameter, and weight of each exhaust too as well as providing a sound clip of each one so you can decide whether the exhaust provides the right tone for you!

The Exhausts…

OEM System

The stock system consists of a catalytic converter (located just after the turbo), a GPF (Gasoline Particulate Filter), GPF-Back system (small, resonated centre section with a cylindrical back box). Weighing in at 11.8kg, the stock exhaust is actually one of the lightest systems we looked at, however, this is probably down to its 2.5” diameter, the smallest here and less than ideal if you’re looking to tune the vehicle in future.

Scorpion Resonated GPF-Back Exhaust with Daytona Tips

The Scorpion exhaust that we tested is the cheapest resonated system in our test, available for £1048.99. This is a slip-fit system so there’s plenty of room for adjustment, you’ll also get a new gasket, new bolts, and clamps in the box too. Our first impressions of this exhaust were that it had noticeably larger pipework, of course this is down to the 3” diameter. The tips fill out the rear diffuser nicely which is a massive improvement over the stock system.

Milltek Non-Resonated GPF-Back Exhaust with Polished Tips

The Milltek was certainly one of the standout performers for us, especially with this system being the cheapest in our test. The system provided a lovely tone and the mandrel bent slip-on fittings from the back box to the tips are certainly going to help flow over the Scorpion’s pie-cut bends. Another plus point for Milltek, is that they have the broadest catalogue when it comes to the GR Yaris exhaust. With everything from decats, to GPF deletes its awesome that you can build your very own 3-piece exhaust system exactly how you want it. 

Milltek Resonated GPF-Back Exhaust with Polished Tips

We preferred the overall noise that the non-resonated system provided over the resonated. Plus, with the silencer now installed, it helped to cut out a lot of the drone we found at 50mph. From a value for money perspective, it’s hard to look past this system.

Milltek Resonated GPF-Back Exhaust with Polished Tips & Scorpion GPF Delete 

With the Scorpion GPF delete installed, things really start to get fruity with the resonated Milltek system. This setup provides a good middle ground between the Fujitsubo and the Remus, making just the right amount of noise and eliminating that typical 3 cylinder ‘whooshing sound’. Personally, this is the one that I’d be going for if I had a GR Yaris.

Remus GPF-Back Exhaust

With only a funky looking rear silencer to help quieten things down, it was apparent that the Remus was going to be loud as soon as we unboxed it! It’s worth noting that this system has an indentation in it, which means it’s not dented but helps to provide extra clearance around the rear anti-roll bar. As you can see from the graph above, this was one of the loudest systems in our test and is definitely the one to go for if you want all the noise. It did provide that typical 3-cylinder noise but it’s clear to see that Remus have engineered this exhaust well, being the lightest of the bunch and providing the most clearance too.

Remus GPF-Back Exhaust & Scorpion GPF Delete 

Just when we thought the Remus GPF-Back exhaust was loud on its own, things got dialled to 11 when we paired it up with the Scorpion GPF delete! This setup gave GR Yaris an Abarth 500 like sound which was evident from the initial start-up. If you’re looking to make as much noise as possible, go for this one, if you like your neighbours then you’d do well to stay clear!

Martelius GPF-Back Exhaust

The Martelius was the first system that we tested that features flanged joints and a 2-piece centre section. The exhaust tips were also flanged too, which means no messing around trying to get the tips to line up perfectly. In terms of hardware supplied in the box, we only got the clamps needed to put the exhaust together, there isn’t a gasket or new bolts to mate up with the GPF which is something that’s worth noting if you opt for this exhaust.

Fujitsubo Authorize R GPF-Back Exhaust

The first Japanese manufactured system that we tested and the quality of craftsmanship was evident to see straight out of the box. The Fujitsubo system was surprisingly quiet and turned out to be the quietest on our test. It wasn’t until you really put your foot down that you could hear it at all. An impressive feature of this exhaust was that the hangers provided plenty of extra stabilisation to prevent the exhaust from excessive movement.

Fujitsubo Authorize R GPF-Back Exhaust & Scorpion GPF Delete

With the Scorpion GPF delete installed, this really brought the Fujitsubo to life. It wasn’t excessively loud and provided little to no drone inside of the car. Much like the GPF-Back only system, you wouldn’t hear it too much unless you put your foot down. It didn’t sound crackly in low RPM’s and provided a beautiful tone as the revs were increased.

HKS Legamax Premium GPF-Back Exhaust

The first of the two HKS systems on our test was the Legamax Premium which is also the cheapest of the two. The build quality of this exhaust was fantastic and featured our favourite tips out of the bunch too with a neat ION coating and HKS branding on the side. It was only slightly louder than the Fujitsubo but it was more obvious that this was an aftermarket exhaust.

HKS Super Turbo Muffler GPF-Back Exhaust

The Super Turbo Muffler from HKS was the most expensive exhaust on our test but it was clear to see why as soon as we unboxed it. Plenty of craftsmanship and engineering has going into the design of this and features up to 4 times as many silencers than some of the other systems. The exhaust tips divided opinions with the funky looking cut outs but that didn’t bother us as this provided the best tone out of them all. With the Super Turbo Muffler fitted, the noise from the car was transformed. Gone was the 3-cylinder whooshing sound that we’d been accustomed to and a lovely V6-esque tone was now greeting the streets! You certainly wouldn’t be disappointed if you bought this system as we feel it’s worth the heavy price tag.

Finally, if you fancy fitting your new exhaust yourself then this video should guide on your way! It shows removal of the stock exhaust system & GPF with the installation of Scorpion’s GPF delete and resonated exhaust system!