Waxing Guide – Soft99

Waxing Guide – Soft99

In our previous guide, we spoke about the importance of the decontamination process and this time around we’re going to show you some of the best protection available from the guys at Soft99 – you’ll find several interesting products for master detailers, semi-pro’s and enthusiasts.



The legendary Japanese wax that is an absolute best seller across Europe and the choice of over 10 million drivers. The unsurpassed formula based on fluoropolymers breaks the boundaries between waxes and coatings. Fusso Coat is available for both light and dark vehicles and will provide durability of up to 12 months! Check out the video below which shows you how to apply Fusso Coat.


Fusso Coat F7 is a user-friendly coating agent that creates an impenetrable barrier against harmful substances like dirt, acid rain and UV rays. Due to F7 being a liquid sealant it’s much easier to applier than a hard wax. This product is durable for up to 7 months when used alongside regular maintenance washes.


Meet the carnauba of elite quality – Authentic Premium is the definition of detailing enclosed in a perfect can! This Japanese masterpiece contains a high amount of crystal clear carnauba that will help you achieve an incredible and natural gloss to your car. This is a great wax that would be best being applied right before a show to give your paint that deep, wet look.


New Soft99 comprises of three basic waxes from the Soft99 catalogue – white soft wax, pearl & metallic soft wax and dark & black wax. Originally launched in 1984, these great products are still as ever popular as they were back then and continue to provide great results to this day.


New Scratch Clear is a wax formulated with newly developed micro particles. It will fix minor scratches in the blink of an eye, while simultaneously creating a fresh wet look on the paints surface. Scratch Clear is available in two tone variations, light and dark, to produce the best results depending on your car colour.


Mirror Shine, living up to its name, will create a mirror-like shine, shiny and hydrophobic layer on your car paint. It’s a very good alternative for those looking for a quick and easy wax to use. Simply apply the wax to your car and you’ll instantly see the results!


This wax will create a thick, heavy gloss coating of synthetic resin, resembling transparent nail varnish. It is very versatile as it achieves its full potential without any risks of troublesome application. Again, this wax is available in both a white and black variation depending on what paint your vehicle has.


The Kiwami, as Extreme Gloss is called in Japanese, produces a strong beading effect that will leave you amazed! For those looking for the perfect wax between protection and a glossy finish, then this is the perfect choice.


Hanneri Wax is soft pasted and has been formulated with an all-new method of development. It removes dirt spots while maintaining the beautiful shine of the car. The soft consistency of this wax guarantees easy application and effective work on the surface. It’s not recommended to apply Hanneri Wax to dark coloured paint.


One of the newer products in the Soft99 range, Hydro Gloss Wax is a water-based wax that does not contain petroleum solvents that are harmful to coated vehicles. This wax will help maintain professional protective coatings such as ceramic and quartz whilst regenerating and protecting it.


Forget about water spots! This product is blended with natural carnauba, creating a thick film-coating and a deeper gloss. As this is a sheeting wax it’ll make water simply slide down the paint work. For best results, combine Water Block Wax with products from the Glaco range to create the ultimate raincoat for your vehicle.


This one is a must for hydrophobicity fans! The fully synthetic water block formula that is based on waxes and silicone polymers allows you to enjoy perfectly rounded drops and water discharge an an absolutely masterful level.

Check out Rain Drop! It’s an express coating for all surfaces. Simply apply onto a wet car, wipe until it’s dry and you’re all done! Stunning shine and thorough protection in two, easy steps.


Rain Drop is a revolutionary, express solution for enhancing and protecting all surfaces of a car! Applied on a wet surface right after washing does wonders as a stand-alone protection or an enhancer for previously applied coatings. Strong hydropobicity, shine, protection, and minor scratch fixing – all in one can!