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If you’re not familiar with sim racing then heres a few advantages of investing into some equipment. Primarily, time, safety and costs. Once your setup is built you can be in the starting grid, ready to go racing just 5 minutes after switching your PC or console on. It’s also much more cost efficient than actual racing too, when taking into account the cost of your race car, fuel and consumables like tyres, brake pads etc, it makes a sim rig look good value in comparison! Finally, there’s a distinct chance that something might go wrong whilst out on track, causing damage to your car or even worse, yourself. Using a simulator means that if something does go wrong then it’s simply a case of hitting the reset button and starting again.


Join us online as we're going racing on our very own server on iRacing!

Simply search for Tegiwa in the search bar to find us and get involved in our BMW M8 GTE Championship running from 6th May - 3rd June . Looking to take part in the official championship? Just download the application form below, fill in the details and email it to us at [email protected]. We'll issue the 51 chosen entrants a password to compete in the race. Happy racing!

Download The Application Form Here >