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HKS GT900 Symmetry Twin Turbo Setup Kit - Nissan GT-R R35

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HKS GT900 Symmetry Twin Turbo Setup Kit - Nissan GT-R R35

SKU: 14020-AN007

Manufacturer: HKS


Quick Overview

HKS GT900 Symmetry Twin Turbo Setup Kit - Nissan GT-R R35. Since their inception in 1973, HKS have committed themselves to producing aftermarket parts from high quality materials using the latest engineering processes. These products are some of the best on the market in all aspects such as appearance, sound and most notably performance!
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HKS GT900 Twin Turbo Set Up - Nissan GTR R35

The all new set up kits for the new HKS symmetry turbo sets GT900 (GT II 7467) and GT1000+ (GT II 8267) designed for the Nissan GT-R R35 are now released. The kit was designed to utilize the symmetry turbine layout, which is considered ideal, so the overwhelming high performance is expected.

This is the set up kit only, the GT900 turbo will need to be purchased separately! 14001-AK024

This product is a set up kit for the symmetry turbine set for the GT900/+

Combine this product with the turbo to work as the FULL turbo kit

To provide effective intake and exhaust performance, the suction pipe and chamber pipe were originally designed for this product.

The exhaust manifold is made with heat-resisting steel, which quality was proved by the GT800. High durability against heat and vibration is guranteed.

GTII Wastegates were selected because of their compact size, lightweight and reliable boost control.

Main kit parts: Exhaust manifold, wastegate, front pipe, suction pipe, heat-resistant cast (52mm pipe), HKS GTII 50mm, SUS304 70>75mm, AL Buffed Pipe 70mm

Installation Notes

• The engine must be removed in order to install this product.

• This kit does NOT include the symmetry turbine set, fuel pump, injectors, F-CON, EVC, and engine parts.

• The factory boost setting of the Wastegate is approximately 90-100kPa.

• Modification of the stock water pipe is required.

• Modification of T/C heat insulator is required.

• This product is for a race use. HKS is not responsible for any damage of the engine and/or transmission

caused by use of this product.

• CAT must be removed in order to install this product; therefore, the vehicle with this product cannot drive in

a public road.

• The warranty of the vehicle from a dealer may be void after installing this product.

• The symmetry turbo set is not included in this product.

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