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With Brexit now in full effect, you might have been subject to crazy customs clearance fees and other unexpected charges when ordering from the UK. We have now implemented a DHL Duty Fee Calculator at the checkout so that you can pay all fees up front!

This means you can order like before Brexit, without having to worry about any unexpected costs upon arrival of your order. Please note, that once you have paid the fee, you will not be able to claim it back.

An example product of a Tegiwa Carbon Powerchamber for an Integra DC2 excluding shipping price to Germany would be priced like so:

Powerchamber (£119.16) + Destination Country VAT Rate (Germany 19%) = £141.80 + Shipping Cost

As you can see from the example the post-Brexit cost is very similar to the pre-Brexit cost. The pre-Brexit cost of this item would have been £142.99.

If you are VAT registered, you will not be able to claim back the VAT on this transaction, so please do not select this method of shipping.

We thank you for patience during the Brexit transition period and continue to look forward to giving you the service that you all know and love.

The Tegiwa Team.