Well, almost! Working at Tegiwa there has always been one question we can’t answer, ‘And how much for fitting?’ That is until now. With the recent move to a much bigger location, TI-Motorsport has gained a brand new workshop with facilities among the best in the country.

*pic of ramps*

We have 3 brand new ramps along with full alignment, a rolling road in the pipeline and not to mention the twin race simulators free to use while you wait! The team at TI have been responsible for many of the head turners you have seen at shows and in magazines. Check out the ‘about us’ section to read a little more about us and our fleet!

*generic pic of ti sign on outside wall or something with the logo in*

We cannot wait to get started looking after your vehicles, and working with Tegiwa next door we are sure that we will be offering the ultimate in service and efficiency for you. Our doors open on 18th July, and we are having our first Sunday breakfast meet on the 7th August [check date], hope to see you there!