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Mega-Life MR-20 LiFePO4 Lithum-Ion Lightweight Race Battery

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Mega-Life MR-20 LiFePO4 Lithum-Ion Lightweight Race Battery


Manufacturer: Mega-Life


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Mega-Life MR-20 LiFePO4 Lithum-Ion Lightweight Race Battery by Mega-Life from only £445.66
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In our modern world, lithium batteries have now become a fixed part of everyday life. High power, low weight, minimum memory effect, zero maintenance and low self-discharge rates are just a few of the advantages of lithium battery technology. From mobile phones to electric cars, lithium batteries and now industry standard for electrical energy storage. Here at MEGA-liFe, we hold product compliance with EU RoHS Directive, CE certification mark and certification in the US FCC. All products adhere to UN38.3 safety and transport requirements. Safe, reliable and environmentally friendly products that significantly outperform current battery technology. With different configurations to suit racing applications from kart, bike, tarmac, off road, marine and more, MEGA-LiFe has a battery for almost all racing needs. A 3-year manufacture full replacement warranty is further proof of our confidence in the outstanding product.

IBMS -Integrate Battery Management System MEGA-LiFe batteries have an integrated battery management system (IBMS) with unique features to add to the already superior performance. Cell balancing, overcharge voltage, short circuit, over discharge and over temperature internal protection circuits add to the already safe LiFeP04 chemistry. Selected models also include the industry leading, emergency start feature to add to the versatile and unique features of this line of products.

LifeP04 - Ultimate Safety, No Acid, No Risk The' Life' in MEGA-LiFe batteries refers to the Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFeP04) chemistry used. LiFeP04 or LFP batteries retain all the benefits of any lithium battery but are significantly safer and are not prone to the overheating and explosive issues found in other chemistries (LIPO or lithium polymer chemistry found in mobile phones for example) . This chemistry allows for charge/discharge rates up to !Ox that of lead acid chemistry (including AGM, Gel, flooded, sealed, etc). Benefits also include full depth of discharge capability, up to 1/3 the weight and 5 times the cycle life of conventional lead acid!

Model: MR-20
Charging Voltage (V): 12.8
Dimensions (mm): 181* 78*170
Main AH: 15AH
Main CCA: 730
Backup AH:
Backup CCA:
Main + Backup CCA: 730
Net Weight(KG): 2.1
Negative Terminal Position: L
Backup Battery Option: NO
Charger compatibility: 14.6V2A
Backup Battery Option: NO
Charger compatibility: 14.6V2A

Additional Information

Manufacturer Mega-Life
Fitment Universal
Colour No
Note No
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