Tegiwa & Ti Motorsport have built a number of race cars in recent years. From Civic Cup Championship front runners (CRX / EP3 / FN2) to the BMW E46 M3. The BME M3 E92 pictured here became available and was a perfect donor car for the next build project, which starts here.

The car arrived at Ti-Motorsport HQ wrapped in a hideous hue of matte pastel peach. First on the to do list was remove the wrap, revealing the original factory black paint. Next up was to strip the interior in preparation for the car to be delivered to Safety Devices where a bespoke rollcage will be designed for the E92 M3 Coupe in both bolt-in and weld-in applications.

A few parts had started arriving for the build including a Varis style Carbon Fibre bonnet allowing us to reduce weight and increase cooling. Since there will be no night time driving in this car, Carbon Fibre headlight blanks have also been fitted in place of the factory weighty units… Because racecar!

Items that are still to be removed include, Air Conditioning, window glass and sound deadening in both the engine bay and underside the car. The dash is also going on a diet, removing the airbags etc.

BMW M3 E92 from the factory = 1580KG
Our M3 E92 as its stands = 1300KG

In the coming weeks, there is an extensive list of jobs to complete on the car once returned from Safety Devices sporting the new rollcage.

The final appearance has been rendered in Photoshop, Yellow Speed Racing are making us a one off Fluorescent yellow front Big Brake Kit. This colour is used on our current M3 Cup car and it’s an office favourite.

Want to see the render of the side of the car? Stay tuned and keep an eye out for our blog updates on facebook.